With the Covid-19 pandemic continuing across all major cities in the US, two unique paths have emerged in different pockets of the country: bravely begin to reopen or stay eerily closed.


Of the cities remaining in lockdown, Las Vegas stands out as a truly modern ghost town. Its massive casinos and clubs have not seen any customers for well over two months.

I decided to reach out to someone who works as an entrepreneur in America’s playground for an on-the-ground perspective of this unprecedented time.


J. Rose | Vegas Resident | Entrepreneur



Q: How did you react to the initial news of Las Vegas shutting down?

A: With Vegas being a major hub for international & domestic travel, it took a few days to really feel the drop off. The weekend before Vegas officially shut down, we watched all the sports leagues decide to postpone games and send players home. That was the moment I realized this is something big

You have never seen billion-dollar companies voluntarily shut down. We knew it was only a matter of time before our doors shut. Shortly after the shutdown, yes Vegas became just another city in the desert. Really, something out of Hollywood horror.

“Really, something out of Hollywood horror.”

Q: What kind of thoughts went through your head after such a drastic change to your city?

A: It was a day or two of disbelief I would say amongst some of my friends. I believe most of us thought this would be something that would shut Vegas down for a month and we would be right back up and running.

To this day we are wrong about that… Kind of hard to bring back the world to one destination and not expect to get sick all over again… I speak for myself but I don’t see myself going back to work anytime soon.


Q: Do you know what kind of schedule Las Vegas has for re-opening?

A: With Nevada hand in hand with the newly formed West Coast Pact with California, Washington and Colorado, the Las Vegas night industry will be the last to reemerge. Our lakes just opened today as a matter of fact… I don’t see the “Vegas Mega Clubs” opening anytime soon.


Q: How have you been managing during this unprecedented lockdown?

Biking. Biking and hiking like a mad man. I looked at this time to re-center myself and focus on what’s important. There is no better way to do that than being outdoors and just smelling the roses.

In the hustle and bustle of work and life, we forget that simple task and phrase.

Now that the temperature is in the 100’s I have shifted my time from hiking to just set up a camp with close friends and enjoy some time at the lake on the Arizona side. Something about being around water is very calming and helps you forget what’s happening just on the other side of the mountains.

“I speak for myself, but I don’t see myself going back to work anytime soon.”

Q: It seems like you are managing this time well! Are your friends having similar experience?

One of my best friends works at a nursery here in Las Vegas, and this is their busy season. This year has been nonstop for them since everyone has nothing but free time at home, and maybe even some extra hands with children being home as well.

I say this as being a bachelor, and not having any children, but what a time not to have them. I see so many of my friends struggling with the kids being home so much.

But I’m sure they love the challenge and enjoy every waking moment they spend with them.

This interview has been lightly edited for clarity and flow.