Food tends to always bring people together. Whether it’s through spending time with family on holidays or fellowship with colleagues or friends; enjoying a tasty meal is always the foundation of togetherness.  This past weekend Quade Media announced its newest venture partnership, The Ultimate Nigerian American Cookbook which highlights a curated selection of dishes that represent West  African and Black American cuisines. The live tasting event was hosted by Queen Anaeki, founder of Quade Media and Chef Chids, an Atlanta based chef and caterer. The event provided guests with the opportunity to sample a variety of Nigeriand and American dishes that will be featured in the cookbook. Guests also enjoyed an exclusive take on how to  prepare and plate these featured dishes. 

What’s great about The Ultimate Nigerian American Cookbook is the element of integrating the Nigerian cuisine and culture with more traditional Southern Black American dishes. Many migrants of Nigeria or children of immigrants that grew up in the South can attest to appreciating the foods that represent their heritage while also appreciating the foods that represent their American identity. In the cookbook, you’ll get a mixture of both worlds. You’ll find dishes that range from okra soup to lump crab cakes  and lobster macaroni to the social media crazed Nigerian jollof rice; a myriad of recipes that will leave anyone feeling like the ultimate international Quarantine Chef. 

As a guest that was fortunate enough to attend the Live Tasting Event, I was most excited to try the recipes for the honey salmon, seafood crab macaroni and egusi soup. The flavors of all 3 dishes were impeccable and left me eager to purchase my own copy of the cookbook. Let’s start with the seafood macaroni, a classic Southern dish. 

It was baked to perfection with a blend of 3 cheeses and each savory bite was filled with tender but seasoned pieces of lump crab, lobster and shrimp. The salmon was a pleasant surprise.  It was marinated with dimensional flavor with slightly crispy skin, pairing perfectly with the Mac + Cheese.

From the Nigerian dishes, everything reminded me of home, but the egusi stood out the most. Egusi soup is a soup local to West Africa made of grounded melon seeds, palm oil, leafy vegetables and other native seasonings. This particular soup was balanced with the perfect ratio of vegetables to ground egusi and flavourful meats including beef and smoked turkey. Although it was just an intimate tasting event, I left with a full stomach and ready to not only buy The Ultimate Nigerian American Cookbook, but to attend whatever culinary dining food experience Quade Media had in store for the future. 

You can get your own copy of the The Ultimate Nigerian American Cookbook here. You’ll find the following recipes:
  • Jollof Rice
  • Nigerian Fried Party rice
  • Giz Dodo
  • Okra Soup
  • Egusi Soup
  • Red Tomato Stew
  • Pounded Yam
  • Spinach
and for the American dishes…
  • Lump Crab Cake
  • Vegetarian Lasagna
  • Seafood Macaroni
  • Honey Spice Wings
  • Honey Soy Glazed Salmon
…and so much more! 
The The Ultimate Nigerian American Cookbook would make a great gift for anyone who enjoys experimenting with international cuisine in the kitchen, wants to allow their taste buds to do some traveling since Quarantine has us on lock down or for someone who simply wants to sharpen up on new recipes. Nonetheless, it is a staple cookbook to have in anyone’s kitchen collection!