We’re excited to announce that Quade Media covered the exclusive Say Yes Series. Alongside other large brands sponsoring the event on February 10th and 11th, 2021.

This installment of the series featured an intimate conversation focused on promoting wellness, community, and empowerment across the Black Diaspora. At Quade Media, we are passionate about engaging in uplifting conversations.

You know, the kind that inspires you to be the best version of yourself.

But that’s not all. Two influential Black women-led brands hosted this year’s event: SayByYani and PYT Travels + Consulting. Interestingly, Yani, the founder of SayByYani, created the entire Say Yes Series.

Here’s a quick rundown on the two powerhouse brands that hosted this magical digital experience.

SayByYani is a purpose-driven company in the Beauty & Wellness space. Yani creates luxurious vegan beauty products. And home decor that say something, using affirmations she coined herself. She’s proud of making beauty products that come from the earth. When Yani isn’t creating products, she’s giving motivational speeches to trauma survivors and children.

While Amarachi founded PYT Travels + Consulting, a bespoke luxury travel concierge brand committed to elevating travel across global diasporas. Today, the company provides B2B and B2C hospitality services for travelers, restaurants, and hotels. The brand’s mission is to enhance lifestyles, connect cultures, and spark creativity by making travel enriching, inspiring, and luxurious.

So what influenced the collaboration between these two brands? The two women entrepreneurs’ decade-plus-long friendship certainly helped build a level of trust.

They’ve always bonded over their interest in all things related to The Culture and their similarities in family values and outlook on life.

It was only natural that they’d decide to collaborate on The Say Yes Series. Both women felt their missions aligned in a powerful way.

Furthermore, when asked why a mental wellness brand and a global travel brand partnered on this event, Amarachi shared… “Our collaboration was influenced because mental health and wellness severely impacts all communities including Black and Brown ones. Last year a lot of people felt disconnected to others, unable to have interaction and intimate conversations as we were processing so much going on in the world. Travel has always been an opportunity to broaden perspectives, connect across cultures and provide a therapeutic impact on individuals. As we know, travel was also very difficult to do in 2020, thus making connecting across cultures almost impossible.

Our digital conversations and in person activations allowed us to combat some of 2020’s clear challenges and create community while having meaningful conversations on connecting the diaspora, how food relates to culture, and the importance in maintaining mental wellness despite the many traumas we are experiencing within these current events.”

The two women entrepreneurs launched the last leg of the series in Atlanta, a city known for its Black excellence in business. Just in time for Black History Month.

The following Black-owned brands and companies whose industries span across entertainment, travel, food, beverage, and hospitality sponsored the event:

  • The Botanist
  • Tula Skincare
  • Applestone Estate
  • Quade Media 💁🏽‍♀️
  • Delta
  • Apt4B

Without a doubt, the event was super liberating for us. It felt refreshing to check in with our mental and emotional state in hopes of improving our well-being.

With that said. At the heart of this series, “[Yani] wants people to understand that luxury and wellness are synonymous, especially people of color and women in male-dominated industries.”

Also, Yani hopes to take the series worldwide. She would like to host global events while partnering with more companies who actually stand for something.

We’re so excited to watch The Say Yes Series grow!