There is no arguing that Covid-19 has changed the way people interact, socialize, and shop. But it has also changed the way we clean, the way we spend time with our family, and brought way for learning new things in a creative way. But the biggest change, I’m sure we can all agree, is how we work.

While unfortunately some were not able to continue their work, others were able to utilize their passion, patterns, and prints while in the pandemic.


A few entrepreneurs and business blazers came up with a fashion-forward way to help prevent catching and spreading the Coronavirus while in style. Lastina (Maison De Mawollie), Orinthia Carter (Orinthia Design), Kelsey Garner (K.S. Garner) and so many other talented individuals – have incorporated their unique fashion sense and talents to push the narrative of safe and preventive measures, if one must leave their homes by creating fun and authentic face masks. It includes a variety of colors and patterns from floral to African print. Here is a list of some top designers who are using their talents to create amazing and fashionable face masks in this pandemic period.

Lastina, owner of MaisonDeMawollie, was first devastated during this pandemic due to the cancellation of proms, weddings, and other business opportunities due to the Stay at Home order. This affected her fashion business greatly in a negative way, as she saw that there were things happening beyond her control, she decided to practice resilience and use her passion and prints to help those affected with the pandemic.

 Lastina, went on to create 200+ pieces of masks to provide aid for healthcare workers and their patients. In the mist of her good deeds to the frontline workers, she received many requests from her clients, community, and supporters to create more fashion-forward protection for the everyday people. Now, even though Prom and wedding events have been canceled… she still receives over 100 orders per week because of the necessity for the prevention of coronavirus. Plus, it seems like people prefer to stay safe in style.

Orinthia Carter, before the pandemic, has managed to work as a full time educator and full time designer for Orinthia Designs. But just like many, Covid-19 has decreased her activity and pay by 65%. Just as Lastina, she used this pandemic to continue her passion in print and pattern to not only keep her business afloat but to offer a blessing for others and their well-being. She was also joined by her mother, turned business partner, who was also affected when her shop closed down due to not being an essential business. Now the mother and daughter duo has created over 36 different samples of facemasks ranging in designs such as African print, floral, plaid, customized, and more.

Kelsey Garner, owner of K.S. Garner, is also providing made-to-order fashion products with an aim to ensure custom fit delivery to all her customers, as well as to reduce waste. In order to adapt to the fashion market situation during the current pandemic and to also help protect people against the coronavirus disease, Kelsey has adopted the use of fun fabrics to create face masks. 


The masks carry aesthetic features such as strawberries and butterflies print embroideries to help make the masks fashionable, as well as to include some personality feel to their design. The brand sells the masks in packs and for every 2-packs that is sold, a pack is donated to those in need of it. Thus far, 500 masks have been donated to frontline workers at the Banner University Medical Center. The brand also looks forward to donating more masks to other people who are in need of it.

It goes without saying that the coronavirus pandemic has negatively affected almost all of man’s endeavors this year. It is also no longer news that industries are shutting down daily, as a result of the pandemic. The fashion industry is one of such many industries that have been negatively affected by the pandemic. Thankfully though, many passionate designers have adjusted to the current reality in the industry by creating creative commodities for their community. 

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