Popular Ghanaian musical duo, Keche emerged a couple of years ago on

the musical scene in Accra, Ghana in the year 2004. Their hit songs, such as Sokode, Aluguntugui, and Gaaga have made waves in the music industry in all of Ghana. The group’s music highlights the music genre, HighLife, which is the most popular genre in Ghana.

The renowned group has won multiple awards. The list includes the coveted Best Choreographed Video award from the 4syte Music Awards and the Pan African International Recognition Awards and Annual Discourse for the Best West African Artist 

of the Year. They have also been nominated for several other awards. The vibrant group was recognized in 2011 as a Global Ambassador for Peace by Liberia’s former President, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

This December, PYT Travel + Consulting and Quade Media had the opportunity to chat with Keche in their home country of Ghana. The members of Keche, Joshua Kojo Ampah and Andrew Kofi Cudjoe, shared some insight on their HipLife sound, the future of Afrobeats and the global branding of Ghana.

When you think of Keche, you think of HipLife.

HipLife is the fusion of HighLife and other music sounds. Ghana’s music industry has been concentrated on HipLife until Afrobeat popped up. Keche believes that Ghana plays a big role in the music genre, Afrobeat, though they also believe that the genre ultimately belongs to all of Africa. They spoke passionately about how Ghana adopts other cultures as it relates to sound rather than taking advantage and accepting their own talents and music. HighLife became a popular sound during the early 20th century and in 1957, became Ghana’s official music genre. It is a medley of sounds, originating from the blended and powerful history of Ghana and the melodies and instruments of various cultures and tribes.

Joshua of Keche, affirms that Ghana needs to accept their sound because the country has the potential to be great on an international level. “Everything started in Ghana – HipLife, HighLife, Afrobeat… and this needs to be accepted and not pushed aside,” states Andrew. 

Keche, which translates to “skill,” in Twi, was chosen as their group name because they wanted a name that was “hard” to encourage their fans to tune into their songs. Joshua stated that names are important and when it comes to music, good music requires skills to create.  

On the relevance of their name, Joshua shared that,“When it comes to music, we have the skills…like Lebron James got skills in the field of basketball, we’ve got the skills when it comes to music.” Andrew added that, “we wanted a name that tomorrow they wouldn’t regret having such a name that they would have to change it.”

Keche believes that young musicians 

who desire to leave a mark should have a clear idea of what they want to do and put an emphasis on the power of  understanding your purpose in order to live a life of impact. The group also shared that young musicians must also persevere regardless of their circumstances or background.

In the interview, the group shared that much of their plans for 2020 had been affected by the pandemic; nevertheless, the dynamic musical duo was able to pull through and make things happen, dropping a new single, ‘Good Mood’ featuring Fameye.

“When you are focused, nothing will stop you from becoming great or doing your best. In the midst of Corona, we have the biggest song across Africa. The biggest song!” shared Joshua. 

It is clear that Keche will continue to make a major impact on the music industry, taking the sounds and culture of Ghana and all of Africa across the world.

Check out the full interview here:


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