A Q&A with Coach Viv

Tell us about your business:

Brown Sales Collective (BSC) gives Black and Brown people an opportunity to navigate the sales world with ease (or successfully). In doing so, they get to introduce their diversity in their ethnicity and thought. BSC seeks to bring awareness to diverse candidates and ensure they’re equipped for tech sales positions. Learn more here: https://www.brownsalescollective.com/.

When did you start BSC?

BSC launched in May 2020.

Why did you start your business?

I started BSC because of the gaps I experienced and am still facing in lack of representation of people who look like me in sales. In fact, statistics show Silicon Valley has less than 5% of Black people in tech, let alone tech sales. 

What need does your business serve?

I help our talented, diverse clients to fill sales roles. One of my clients got accepted to one of the top tech sales companies in the nation. She has this to say about me, “Vivian is a humble beast. She’s knowledgeable, experienced, and her reputation and work ethic are unmatched.”

Who are your ideal clients?

My ideal clients are recent Black or Brown college graduates. Also, I help people with experience in the corporate space transition to a new career.

What impact is BSC making in your community?

I am doing a couple of things. First, I help Black and Brown people thrive in tech sales by providing them the right tools and guidance. Second, I offer tech enterprises a pool of qualified, diverse candidates. As a result, the inclusiveness of these companies improves.

Anything else you want to tell us?

There are no guarantees in life. But my promise is this: I’ll continue to work with passion, share my network, and promote proven success in all I do.