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Connecting Women was the #1 Priority for Link Empower’s First Conference

Business in Atlanta is what has been connecting more  and more people to prominent ideas, people and promising opportunities. Link Empower, created by Nimi Bello has been no different as their purpose of connecting women from all ventures of life to like minded...

Culture Shock Show Presents a Once-in-a-Lifetime Virtual Fashion Experience

Fashion reveals a glimpse of our inner world to others. Even a pandemic can’t stop us from expressing ourselves creatively through fashion and art. Without a doubt, Atlanta’s very own Culture Shock Show embodies these truths!On Sunday, November 22, 2020, Quade Media...

Quade Media Presents a Culture Immersion for Your Tastebuds

Food tends to always bring people together. Whether it's through spending time with family on holidays or fellowship with colleagues or friends; enjoying a tasty meal is always the foundation of togetherness.  This past weekend Quade Media announced its newest venture...

Establishing Twitter’s presence in Africa

Twitter’s mission is to serve the public conversation, and it’s essential, for the world and for Twitter, to increase the number of people who feel comfortable participating in it. To do this, we need to make it easier for everyone to join in and provide more relevant...

Here’s Everybody Black Winning At The Golden Globes

Andra Day, Daniel Kaluuya, John Boyega, and More Take Home Awards; Chadwick Boseman Wins Best Actor in a Drama Posthumously.    Although Black Hollywood has zero representation behind-the-scenes in the HFPA, they are front and center as presenters tonight on both...

Sharing Events We Think You Shouldn’t Miss

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2021 Forbes CMO Summit – Episode 1 

Sep 14   Register Here

Black is Tech Conference 2021

Sep 20-24   Register Here

One Africa Music Fest

Oct 1   Register Here

Ecool Live in Concert: Atlanta

Oct 1   Register Here

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