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Quade Media Presents a Culture Immersion for Your Tastebuds

Food tends to always bring people together. Whether it’s through spending time with family on holidays or fellowship with colleagues or friends; enjoying a tasty meal is always the foundation of togetherness…

Quade Media Presents a Culture Immersion for Your Tastebuds

Whew, Beyoncé’s long-awaited visual masterpiece based on her musical album; The Gift from her Lion King Disney film finally premiered on Disney+. Black is King, draws inspiration from the African diaspora through grand and creative re-imagination of a decolonized Africa. When Beyoncé …

#EndSARS Movement: Young Nigerians Rule The Fight Against Police Brutality 

“If I disappear tonight, they’re not going to be able to have the wedding,” Temi Afolabi recounted to a Washington Post reporter after receiving harassment from a radical Nigerian police squad. 

Afolabi and thousands of other Nigerians…


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