With Covid-19 still continuing its spread, America is in a position of lockdown we’ve never seen before. I decided to gather trusted and valuable resources that you, your small business, or your neighbor might need.


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    Small Business COVID-19 Support

    As the saying goes, “Information is power.” Here are some of the most valuable, trusted resources for more information relating to small business coronavirus support.


    Coursera: Coursera is currently offering a selection of its classes entirely for free including courses in mental health, career development, cloud technology, and Spanish.

    Amazon Prime: The giant online retailer and entertainment hub is currently offering its entire Children’s film and TV library for free, without any prime membership. Great way to keep the kids entertained.

    Planet Fitness: This low cost is offering free, live streams of workout routines on Facebook every night at 7PM EST, and also re-streaming on YouTube.

    Headspace: This meditation app is currently offering free meditation sessions on its app under the category labeled “Weathering the Storm.”

    Real: Need some real-time therapy to help you get through this difficult time? This new company is offering a free month of group therapy and one-on-one appointments.