Fashion reveals a glimpse of our inner world to others. Even a pandemic can’t stop us from expressing ourselves creatively through fashion and art. Without a doubt, Atlanta’s very own Culture Shock Show embodies these truths!

On Sunday, November 22, 2020, Quade Media provided media coverage for the Culture Shock Show’s global virtual event, #CultureShockLive. People gathered at Ace Atlanta, an upscale restaurant and social playground, to watch the digital fashion film highlighting fashion, art, music, and food as others around the world joined in online.  

Culture Shock’s events create a “positive reflection of cultural appreciation in the diaspora” by highlighting unique fashion and art from people with diverse backgrounds.
Their first event debuted back in 2012 and has continued every year since. Until in 2017, Nita — the founder — took a break to finish her degree to better serve her community in a bigger and bolder way.

For years, they have educated communities and connected new artists, business owners, and designers from all over the globe — specifically those from Africa, America, Asia, and Europe.
The “Culture Shock” brand was born out of many people’s experiences with engaging with different cultures and ways of life in non-native countries.

The main feature of this year’s documentary-style film, Culture Shock Live, showcased work from talented designers in Atlanta. As their stunning fashion creations came to life on the screen, music from some of Atlanta’s hottest artists played as a backdrop.
Viewers also got a visually immersive tour of Atlanta foodie favorites, such as Ike’s Cafe and Grill and Ace Atlanta’s Saturday brunch, “Brunchish”.

The truth is. Fashion, music, and art unifies people from different cultures instead of divides them. That’s why the brand’s mission is to continue empowering people and raising individual cultural awareness through the simple yet beautifully imaginative medium of — art.

Quade Media aligns with their values 100 percent and is looking forward to what the future holds for Nita and her team. With that said, Quade Media was thrilled to have covered this event — since this year’s themes included elevating Black-owned businesses, Black girl magic, Black excellence, and more.

You can check out their Fashion Film now by clicking here
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