Business in Atlanta is what has been connecting more 

and more people to prominent ideas, people and promising opportunities. Link Empower, created by Nimi Bello has been no different as their purpose of connecting women from all ventures of life to like minded business individuals with more expertise and guidance helped jumpstart Link Empower’s first Business Conference in January 2021. Unfortunately, because of the pandemic, there was limited seating. However, no worries, if you were not able to attend, we did it for you. Read below to get the full scoop. 

The Link Up Conference | Business Edition

Launched in December 2020, Link Empower is a platform that connects and empowers women through different activities and in different walks of life. For their first annual conference, Nimi decided to launch with an emphasis on empowering businesses and entrepreneurship.

Come link up to start your business, grow your business and sustain your business

Founder, Nimi Bello

January 9th of 2021, dozens of young women and business owners were welcomed to kickstart a day of learning, sharing, and networking. Nimi and her team showed Atlanta it was possible to reconcile business and Christian spirituality, as the event conveyed the mantra of the platform’s mission: Loving, Inspiring and Networking for the Kingdom. 


The event actively promoted sisterhood of black and brown women-owned businesses by having national sponsors and service providers from the community and working for the community.


There were 4 black female guest speakers working in various fields who shared their knowledge and experiences within their careers and business.


The attendance federated prominent business owners and future leaders in the making. Quade Media spoke with a plethora of talented business moguls beginning with…

Nimi Bello; Founder & CEO of Link-Empower. Her purpose: to build a community for business owners whether beginner or expert. “We are shedding the light on the importance of empowering a community of women and having a strong support system,” according to Nimi. Today’s purpose; Despite being in the middle of a pandemic, Nimi and her team were able to pull off a successful and eventful conference which included prominent business leaders, who are experts in their craft/field, inspiring others and sharing advice on starting, growing and sustaining a business. Link Empower is only 6 months in business but Nimi plans on making a global impact with virtual and pop-up events, consulting, and leveraging technology by launching an app with a multimedia experience in the near future.

Nneka Uwaje; Founder of Designs by Nami and Lemons to Champagne. Purpose for Designs By Nami: 6 years taking over the wedding industry as she loves and enjoys curating and celebrating joyous events with her friends and clients. Their happiness makes her happy. Purpose for Lemons to Champagne: Transforming “Lemon Moments” into positive “Champagne” experiences that leads to celebration and potentially, rebirth. Her goal is to encourage women via laughter, events, networking, and sisterhood. Future Plans: Curate events from Atlanta to worldwide while also implementing technology to efficiently reach women all over.

M’Balu; Sierra Leonean-American Business Coach, and consultant, who holds a degree in Economics from Emory and a Nonprofit Management certificate from Harvard University created Pivot Path. This is an organization that includes many clever storytellers who “enjoy helping entities rediscover their voice and make it heard” by creating brand tools that share businesses’ authentic story and welcomes their audience in a memorable way through brand development, signage, messaging and graphics.

Kerby Grandiot; Haitian American owner of “Pop Lock Slay”, a lip gloss brand that is useful and affordable to low income individuals, whether male or female. Her lip gloss has a twist as she has incorporated a mirror and light to each lipgloss. She was able to launch her lip gloss line in Feb 2020 via her pop up shop and made over $1,000 in 3 hours. Due to Covid, her business has since slowed down but she has learned about many effective methods and approaches during the business conference that she can implement into her future product shop.

Stella Ihenacho; Business Manager, Entrepreneur, Career Professional, and founder of NStar Technology and Women Doing It Afraid. Purpose: To use her gifts to create a platform for women to move and grow and with NStar Technology to provide career opportunities and stability for immigrants. 

Charlene Osei; Ghanian American owner of Cocoa Shea, an all natural skin care line for women of color. She was inspired to create her line after visiting her home country, Ghana, where she witnessed her cousin bleaching her skin as well as her young daughters. She felt it necessary to create a change in her environment not just within Ghana but for women of color all over. So far she is 2 years into her business and plans to continue to grow into a household name

In closing 

The Link Empower Business Conference was perfect for all up and coming business leaders who enjoy helping, creating and expanding and want to make a positive impact on this world. Again despite being in the middle of a pandemic, Nimi and her team were able to pull off a very successful and eventful business conference. Link Empower is definitely a staple organization for any business woman and we highly recommend attending their next event. See you then!

You can follow them on Instagram @LinkEmpower.

Check out the highlight video from the Link Up Conference here:


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