We are committed to putting people back in the center of media by centering ourselves around our brand values. These values represent the deepest beliefs we hold and the strongest principles we cling to. By living these values, we inspire others to rise up and change the world with us.

Quality Information

Quade Media communicates using only the highest quality information—free of any error, free of any judgment, and free of any fear. We are providing a new source of information that contains the Truth of the world around us and the many issues we face. While other media sources shy away from the most difficult stories to cover, we rush forward, knowing that is where the most powerful moments are waiting to be discovered. Only by delivering honest, unconventional, and powerful information do we believe we will transform our reality.

Universal Brand

Quade Media is committed to providing a voice to anyone and everyone left out and ignored by the traditional media of the past. No person is insignificant. No tragedy will be forgotten. Every individual is welcome here, and every story has a place to be shared. We strive to be the home to individuals who have been rejected so many times throughout history because we believe that only when we unite the many faces and voices of the silent can we grow strong and move forward.

Awe-Inspiring Stories

Quade Media provides a platform for stories that can excite, inspire, and transform us. By curating only the most impactful and influential stories, we set ourselves apart as a fearless leader in a weak and stagnant media industry. We are tired of listening to stories with no emotional characters. So, we work to find subjects who are passionate about their causes, who have been through harrowing circumstances, and who want to use their past to help others change the world.

Diverse Collaborators


At Quade Media, we pride ourselves on working, collaborating, and partnering with individuals from all walks of life. We do not simply tolerate differences like other media brands, we celebrate and nurture our diversity. Every Race, Ethnicity, Nationality, Age, Ability, Religion, Sexuality, Gender Identity, and Socio-Economic Level has a home here. We believe that only through hearing the opinions and struggles of the most disenfranchised among us can we work to overcome the systemic issues lying before us.

Empowering The World

Quade Media works to give power back to our readers, our partners, and our team in everything we do. From the stories we present, to events we host, and every aspect of our business, we want to make the world braver, bolder, and stronger. We work tirelessly so that our community has the tools it needs to rise up and reach new levels never before seen. When we focus on empowering the world, we can achieve our mission of becoming a champion to a new wave of storytellers and a world-class media company to a new generation of leaders.

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